College Visits: Holiday Edition

Coaches often say that there is a school out there for any athlete who wants to be on a college team. This is both encouraging and overwhelming. In 2014 the National Center for Educational Statistics counted more than 4,000 2- and 4-year degree granting institutions. Of course, they aren't all fielding college teams, but it... Continue Reading →


College Visits: Road-Trip Edition

In this post, you can see step by step, how to plan college visits alongside your holiday travel plans. Step 1. Determine your route - once you have your beginning and end points, glance at the towns in between. Then open a new tab and navigate to Wikipedia.  Open the search bar and type in "colleges... Continue Reading →

Character Counts

On the recruiting trail, potential players are frequently reminded to keep it clean on social media, keep their heads up when they are playing, and mind how they speak to their mom or their coach. And its all very important. But equally important, when you're evaluating the programs you are most excited about, do you... Continue Reading →

Decoding College Recruiting

Read this blog if you want to go beyond the superficial thrill of receiving an email from a college coach, to actually find an educational and athletic opportunity that requires your best effort and stretches your natural abilities.

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